About Us

About Us

PT. Subur Anugerah Indonesia is one of the largest spice Distributor, Exporter, and Supplier in Indonesia since it was founded in 2019. Our company specializes in exports to the international market.  Our spices originated from all over Indonesia, supplying a variety of leading commodities such as Peeled Round Nutmeg seeds (Grade ABCD/SS/BWP), Oval Nutmeg Seeds (peeled/ with skin), White pepper, Black pepper, Cloves, Cardamom, Hook root (Uncaria), Cinammon, and other spices - all of which has been thoroughly processed and graded to achieve the quality of spices that aligns with international standards. Furthermore, our company are constantly making improvements to increase the effectiveness of our production and the quality of our goods in order to build lasting relationship with our customers.

In accordance with the principles of our company - PT. Subur Anugerah Indonesia, we as a local Indonesian company care about the welfare of farmers and help by fair distribution of spice crops. This is in line with what is mandated by Law no. 19 of 2013 concerning the Protection and Empowerment of Farmers. Our company also cooperates with the government's recommendation to increase the quantity of exports of natural products up to threefold.

Many of our clients have worked with us for many years. There are a couple reasons for this. reasons for this - one of which is that we are good at what we do and we get results rewarded through trust. Here at PT. Subur Anugerah Indonesia, we do not only strive to get the job done as flawless and efficient as can be, but work hard to build good, long-term relationships. Thus, customer satisfaction and good quality products is crucial to us. Additionally, We prioritize procurement of goods and services from local suppliers who meet the standards we require, and support others to reach those. In some cases, we support local businesses in developing their skills to meet these standards.

Our Vision :

To become the best spice trade company that excels in processing quality spices that of excels in both international and national standards.

Our Mission :

  • To become a pioneer in founding a local spice brand that could compete in the international market.
  • Constant innovation in procuring, processing, and improving quality to thrive in both national and international market.
  • To become one of the largest spice companies in Indonesia
  • To Create sustainable long-term benefits in the relationship between the company and all business partners.
  • Commitment to quality and optimal service to business partners.
About Us
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